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Dress Code

Our dress code strives to avoid narrow limitations and encourage diversity.

As a modern fetish event, we believe that the dress code should be more about fantasy and transformation, not only do we love our leather and rubber wear, we also love other creative fits.

Many of the best outfits seen at our events are made by those wearing them or assembled from various second hand articles.

So if you can’t afford expensive latex or leather costumes then explore personal fantasies and use your imagination, or even try body paint!

For anyone experiencing a fetish event for the first time, we understand that entering this space may feel complex at first... but fret not!

If you're unsure of what to wear, full plain black clothes work too.
We dont mind if you wear black jeans as part of your outfit, but we don't allow any 'regular' street or sports wear, blue jeans or khakis.

For more attire inspiration, check out our Pinterest Fashion Guide..

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